Ikamva Youth Masi welcomes new tutors and interns

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Ikamva Youth Masi welcomes new tutors and interns

 IY learners have made it through their toughest period, being mid-year exams and have been managing quite well with the help of our more experienced as well as the new tutors. Although it is the end of the examination period, we encourage learners to continue in this vane and bring those subjects, which exams have revealed, they are struggling with.

 In preparation for Winter School (24 June – 5 July) and our first Matric Camp (8-12 July), Masiphumelele will be having kick outs for those who have not met the 75% attendance requirement. This will sadly see learners leave the programme and make way for new Ikamvanites.The past two weeks has also seen the arrival of new tutors and interns participating in the activities of the Masi branch.

 Zimkhitha Hodolo is a Business Administration student at PC Training & Business College in Cape Town. During her days off from College, she assists with administrative duties which is particularly important in preparation for Winter School as well as the day-to-day running of IY. She says, It is always a great pleasure to work  with such passionate learners and to associate myself with them, as they are also enjoying every moment of their journey.”

Lwandiso Mfanta, the tutor from Masi, was actually involved in IY Masi last year. As a local resident, he helped a few learners with academic problems. This year, when he saw the advertisement of IY for new tutors, he immediately applied for the position. With expertise in Mathematics; Physics and English, he has witnessed the progress of the learners and feels a great sense of accomplishment. “These learners, they really want something to learn, to achieve, and we are giving them what they need. This is a very good programme. ”

 Jennifer Hoyer, from Canada, has also joined the IY Masi team. Jennifer will be involved mainly in Math tutoring at IY Masi. Her previous experience as a music teacher in Canada made her a very enthusiastic and loving person. Jennifer has spent some time here and heard about IY, then she decided to participate into IY. She said, “I am impressed at the way Ikamva has high expectations of participants, and participants rise to meet these. It is a great programme to be involved in.”

 Ahead of Winter School, we also welcomed three interns: Roxy Chu, from Mainland China, Dorothy Tang, from Hong Kong, and Vishal Reddy, from India. They will reside in Cape Town for six weeks and will assist with the preparation for IY Winter School; tutoring and some other daily duties. Dorothy once worked at Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Hong Kong and Roxy was the leader of Volunteer Association at her university. In India, Vishal also works in the AIESEC, the global youth network that focus on leadership development experience. “Ikamva Youth is amazing,” Roxy said. “I have helped some kids in rural areas in China. I have seen the situation where kids were lacking good educational opportunities. Kids here are facing more problems, but education is still the key. IY is doing a great job and I am happy to contribute to that. ”

-          Written by Zimkhitha Hodolo & Ruxin Chu