Holiday Program How-To

Hear the lovely Busiswa and Nyasha explain a little more about the winter school in this short video. 

The Holiday Programme takes place as a Winter or Summer School and enables intensive time with learners to support the 5 core programmes. The programme maintains a focus on academic enrichment but also emphasizes the importance of having fun and exploring learning in different ways.

You can find out more about the holiday programme on our main site. Also, have a read the reports and blogs from previous winter schools.

Gauteng 2011 Winter School Report

Nyanga 2011 Winter School Blogpost

Masiphumelele 2011 Winter School Blogpost

Are you inspired???

Hold your own Holiday Programme with this easy How-to. This guide covers the details of hosting a holiday programme:

  • Venue 
  • Budgeting and cash projections; venue, transport, catering
  • Partner and sponsorship relations
  • Participants: Learner applications & volunteers (including interns), rules
  • Marketing: Learners & Volunteers
  • Scheduling: How to schedule the event - streaming along interest lines, by grade, etc
  • Event preparations: Documents: Indemnity forms, MOUs, register, evaluations (volunteers & learners)
  • During the event: Top tips for keeping calm in a crisis
  • Follow up: Evaluation, Thank you letters, Blog posts, YouTube videos etc etc

As a general guide for major milestones to ensure that your holiday programme will go well, ensure that you meet the following deadlines for a June/July winter school:

  • Funds secured by March and received in the bank by May. 
  • Venue secured by March (latest; it's best to secure venues the year before) with MoU outlining access to labs, computers, etc. 
  • Schedule finalised and workshop facilitators secured by mid May
  • Full-time interns to be engaged from May - the last week of programming
  • Printing of learning materials, past papers etc. and name tags/ student cards completed a week before holiday programme begins