Strategic Planning Weekends

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This is a how to guide for running Strategic Planning Weekends (SPW) at branch level. This weekend is when the most committed learners and volunteers participate in core operational planning and set goals (who’s doing what /when, events for the year) 

The Main goal of an SPW is to elect a branch commitee (in charge of roles and portfolios) and for new volunteers (grade12 from last year returning)to take ownership of programme and become part of the management team. It is also a general time for tutors to spend together with leaner representatives  - they are the core energy and creative juice for the branch – so the SPW should be fun and decide how things are looking for the year.

Who goes:

Learner representatives in each grade, tutors, branch funders (as visitors). Learners and tutors need to comit to coming on both days. 

Tip – do learner representative votes before the time – 2 per year. Usually best to keep it below 30 people otherwise it becomes more of an event. It is also incentives for the more involved you are the more influence you have at branch level – if there too many people who want to come you can get them to apply.