Mentoring Programme How-To

This short video explains the what, why, and how of IkamvaYouth's mentoring programme. 

By mid-April each year, every grade 12 learner is assigned a mentor. The two meet for at least two hours per month throughout the year, and work together to:

  • Identify the post-school opportunities most suited to the learner's interests, skills, capacity, subjects and academic achievement
  • Identify bursary and scholarship opportunities for which the learners are eligible, and relate to their chosen field of study
  • Ensure that learners apply to the relevant courses, institutions, learnerships and/or employment opportunities
  • Ensure that application forms are accurately and comprehensively completed, and have all the requisite supporting documentation
  • Provide general support and work with the branch coordinator to do referals for any psycho-social, health or family environment challenges that learners may be facing

This How-To provides information on:

  • Recruiting mentors
  • Matching mentors and mentees
  • Mentor training
  • Resources for mentors
  • Coordinating mentor programme delivery throughout the year
  • Reporting on mentor programme progress
  • Reporting on mentor programme outputs and outcomes

Templates for the Mentoring Process:

1. Mentor Training Kit

2. Mentoring Booklet

3. IkamvaYouth Mentee Questionnaire Survey

4. Mentor and Mentee Preliminary Exam Preparation Instructions

5. Preliminary Feedback Pitch Day Process Explained

6. Mentorship Session Log Sheet

7. Mentorship Session Feedback Form

8. Purpose of Feedback Process Explained in Detail

9. Mentorship feedback Process Explained to Mentors