Multiplication Quiz

It is a very simple programme. All you do is enter the Maths tables you would like to go up to, e.g. 5, 12, 25 or whatever number you want.

Select whether you would like a greater number multiplication or division sums, click to generate the sheets and print them off.

Each sheet contains 100 sums- and answers!

Our record for 100 correct answers with positive numbers up to 12 x 12 is 90 seconds.

You can also work with multiplication and division of negative numbers, if you really want to give your brain a work out!

When you want another sheet, it will generate a completely new one with another 100 questions.

Use it as often as you like.

It is an EXCEL programme and requires Microsoft EXCEL to be installed on your computer in order to run. It is a simple download and you can be stretching your brain in minutes.

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